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Essential Drugs Company Limited (3rd Plant), Gopalganj

Essential Drugs Company Limited (EDCL) is a 100% state owned Pharmaceuticals Company in Bangladesh. In the year 1962 it was functioning under the then Central Government in the name & style of Government Pharmaceuticals Laboratory (GPL) and subsequently it was renamed as Pharmaceuticals Production Unit

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Khulna Essential Latex Plant (KELP)

Khulna Essential Latex Plant (KELP) is an established manufacturing Company that produces quality Latex Male Condoms for the domestic and export market. The factory and office complex is located at Gilatala, Khulna, Bangladesh. The factory complex consists of the manufacturing plant stores, labs and an administrative wing.

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Water Treatment and Distilation Plant

One "Elgamat duo rapide plus" range of automatic deionizer is used for demineralization purpose. The Elgamat Duo Rapide plus is a high performance packaged water deionizer and guarantees treated water quality TDS < 0.2mg/L, conductivity < 01.0μs/cm resistivity 0.1˜0μ-- cm. It is PLC controlled and is programmed with

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Essential Latex Processing Plant (ELPP) Modhupur, Tangail

To diversify the use of natural latex and to encourage the domestic rubber industry as well as to save foreign currency, EDCL has set up Essential Latex Processing Plant at a cost of Tk. 127 million at Madhupur in Tangail district

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Cephalosporin Production Plant

Cephalosporin is a broad spectrum antibacterial antibiotic active against a wide range of Gram-positive and Gram-negative Organisms. Modern science has been contributed to develop this type of antibiotics from 1st generation

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